Tweet Reserve


1. How many tweets can I donate?

You can donate 10 tweets at a time, as many times as you like. The more you donate, the more visibility we can give to urgent humanitarian issues.

2. What is the difference between used and in reserve tweets?

"Used tweets" are those which have been published in your name, supporting a humanitarian cause. “In reserve tweets” are tweets which you donated but haven´t been published yet and thus are available to support future causes.

3. Can I modify the number of tweets I have donated?

Yes. Click on your profile image to see your reserve. On the lower section of the page you will find a plus and a minus sign which you can use to increase or decrease the number of tweets you wish to donate.

4. When will Amnesty International publish tweets in my account?

ONLY when an urgent case of human rights violation comes up. At that moment Amnesty International will release the donated tweets from the user´s account.

5. Can Amnesty International use my tweets for other purposes asside from supporting humanitarian issues?

No. The tweets you have donated to #TweetReserve wil ONLY be used to give visibility to real human rights causes.

6. Does donating tweets replace other actions like money donations or signing petitions?

No. Tweet donation is a tool designed to complement other actions which continue to be vital to our cause. We are always in need of any kind of help you can give.

7. Can I donate tweets from anywhere in the world?

Yes. Despite this being an initiative from Amnesty International Spain, anyone in the world can join.